Sliding Pocket Door Designs are a growing trend!

Why? You ask.

First Off, they are BEAUTIFUL!  Large, Tall Glass Doors enhance any room as they are Aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  Seeing a large picture through any door gives new Views to peer upon, adds Depth to any space and provides Natural Sunlight.  Sliding Pocket Doors come in a variety of styles and sizes.  Desired styles and unique looks are easy to achieve.  From White French Doors, to Asian Styles using Bamboo, creating the Industrial Look using Stainless Steel Metal to Mountain Rustic with Stained Natural-Wood and Painted Shakers with Frosted Windows, the possibilities are endless!

Secondly, They add functionality to every home.  Sliding Pocket Doors create more space for you and your family to enjoy that is normally occupied by swinging doors.  Sliding Pocket Doors can be tucked away into Walls creating a Clean & Sleek Look while enlarging Open Spaces from one room to another.  Sliding Door Tracks have come along way in design and are practically seamless as they lay low and some flush with adjoining floors.

Thirdly, Bring your Outdoor Space into your Living Area by expanding it with Pocket Doors when you are dining or entertaining with your guest.

Our Exclusive Designer, Madison McGraw, holds a Bachelors Degree from Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design and an active NC Design License and Certification.  Madison offers her expertise to our clients and can help you select the right Pocket Doors for your new home.

We love to educate our clients with the newest and greatest products available.

Give an efficient and attractive look to your new home that literally pays for itself!