Design & Build

What Is Design-Build?

Our “Design-Build” approach provides a turn-key building process that allows an owner to collaborate with an organized team of professionals from the earliest planning stages to the completion of construction. This integrated program differs from the more traditional Design-Bid-Build approach, which typically involves working with an Architect first, sending plans to multiple contractors for bidding and then ultimately selecting one. The conventional methodology can be time-consuming and frustrating for both the owner and architect as each step must be done sequentially; leading to frequent communication issues and potential for budget over-runs as financial information is received at the end of the bid submittal process. During this Bid process most contractors are trying to utilize the least expensive vendors and material to allow them to win the bid.  In contrast, our “Design-Build” approach allows design, estimating, permitting, and construction activities to be conducted concurrently, thus saving time and money for the owner. From the very beginning, the team is assembled and oriented to meeting the needs of the client, working as a unified whole to carefully balance project costs, attention to detail, and quality of construction. The benefit is a more cohesive plan and the best value for the client.

What are the benefits to Design-Build?

Saves Money  

Design-Build is our preferred method of construction as it streamlines the entire project from inception to completion.  Many hidden or extra costs are avoided when your designer and builder collaborate together.  A clear, concise budget with the input of all parties allows the client to prioritize their spending.  The expertise of each professional in the conceptual phase encourages input to evaluate alternate designs materials and methods efficiently and accurately.  Value engineering and constructability are emphasized throughout the project.

Design Savings

Cost analysis are synchronized with the construction drawings as they progress.  The updated drawings and budget are submitted to the Owner several times prior to final construction drawings.  There is no need to re-design the entire project in order to meet a specific budget.

Budget Management

Communicating the cost implications of design decisions ensures that the Owner plays a key role in arriving at the final project price. Once the scope of work has been finalized, the project costs are clearly defined, and controlled by the design-build firm. Buchanan Construction acquires multiple vendors & supplier quotes to ensure the Owner gets the best quality and value.

Enhanced Communication

Specific design and construction details are being developed throughout the entire process while focusing to provide the best value to the owner. The communication benefits of working with a Design Build team ensures that potential problems are discovered before the project starts.

Faster Completion

Design-build projects can be completed in a shorter amount of time because: bid time is reduced, scheduling for the project can begin before design is finalized and the selection process commences earlier allowing long lead time materials to be secured well before installation.

Single Source of Accountability

The Design-Build approach allows for a single point of contact throughout the entire project. This is a clear departure from the classic building method where the owner must select and oversee an Architect, Interior Designer, Engineer and bid the project to numerous builders, select a Contractor and then act as an intermediary between parties. When you select Buchanan Construction to be your Design-Build professional we are working as one team and we are responsible for the budget, construction drawings, schedule and performance of the work.

Quality Control

The Design-Build process helps to remove ambiguity that may arise in material and construction specifications. Since the Designer, Contractor, and Engineer work together, the focus remains on protecting the Client’s interest.  All Our homes exceed the minimum building code; we build high performance homes not code compliant homes.  Buchanan Construction and our team are driven to make sure that your home and our process exceeds your expectations.

When you select Buchanan Construction as your Design-Build firm you can expect: focus on cost effective approach, a detailed and efficient design, the budget will be clear and concise, specifications will be detailed, collaborative communication, Owner is involved on cost options, teamwork, well planned and concise schedule, cost effective product and trade selection, reduced risk for the Owner, a high performance home and ultimately a home that exceeds your expectations.

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