Hurricane Florence Relief

Our hearts broke for the Carolina Coast residents when we saw the flooding and destruction on TV caused by Hurricane Florence.  Our first thoughts were “what can we do to help?”.   We reached out to disaster relief groups working in the NC Coastal area to identify the immediate supplies needed.  Then we reached out to our circle of friends and community for support.  We never imagined how many individuals, clients, businesses and industry associates that would step up and help with this cause.  In just one week, we raised over $15,000 in supplies and monetary donations to help those impacted by the Hurricane!  We purchased supplies with the financial contributions and delivered all the supplies in a fully loaded 26′ U-Haul truck.

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Thank you so much to all of our donors!

JoAnn Wilcox
Katie & Mike Burris
Bob & Connie Fox
Mrs. Lisenbe
Jennings Builder Supply
Ken & Effie Forde
Asheville West
Jim Rahe & Family
Bill & Sherry Lubic
Ed & Karen Peterson
Southern Concrete
Bob Banner
Michelle Mathis
Justin Drew
James L & Sheryl Overman
Hoots Plumbing
Tim Markey
Michael Lewis
Kathryn Thomas
Shawn Busby
Laura Jenkins
Brian McCormick
Mountain Air Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
Builders First Source Hendersonville
Carolina Closets
Fields Family
Suzanne & Paul Gold
Teri Camp
Kristen Butler
Miller Graves
Gary Thompson Windows
John Page
Jim & Abby Robertson
Effie Loree
Justin & Heather Hodges
David & Lisa Caudle
Dean Portney
Reid Becker
Michelle Mathis
Mark & Lisa Goldstein
Lynn Carroll
Jeanne Sudderth

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Here is the list of supplies we donated:

1. 800+ 2x4s (8′ & 10′)
2. Pallet of bottled water (plus at least 40 separate cases of 24)
3. 10 rolls of synthetic roof underlayment
4. $900 worth of insulation
5. 4 gas generators
6. 20 box fans
7. 10 gallons of mold killer
8. Outdoor bleach
9. Simple Green
10. Garden sprayers
11. Various sized and gauged power cords
12. Towels
13. Wash cloths
14. Paper towels
15. Clorox wipes
16. Toilet paper
17. Diapers
18. Baby wipes
19. Toilet cleaners
20. Multipurpose cleaners
21. Plasticware
22. Paper Plates
23. Plastic cups
24. Disposable coffee cups
25. Feminine Hygiene Products
26. Men’s and Women’s deodorant
27. Bar soap
28. Neosporin
29. Hydrogen Peroxide
30. Toothpaste
31. Liquid hand soap
32. Baby food pouches
33. Baby snacks
34. Canned vegetables
35. Canned beans
36. Canned soups
37. Spaghetti-os
38. Canned ravioli
39. Ramen noodles
40. Canned fruit
41. Boxed Macaroni and cheese
42. Assorted cereals
43. Crackers
44. Chips
45. Grits
46. Oatmeal
47. Cheezeits

Many thanks and blessings to all our supporters!