Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Using Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings for commercial, industrial or even residential structures is a value-driven choice in today’s economy. Most people think of large warehouses when someone suggests building a Pre-Engineered Metal Building.  However, in today’s market Metal Buildings are opening up a whole new avenue of architectural diversity and long lasting building solutions and they have a number of advantages.  Metal Buildings are now more versatile than ever and include many uses including the following sectors: agriculture, manufacturing, warehouse, churches, industrial, schools, restaurants, offices and retail buildings.

Pensacola Fire Station pre-engineered metal buildings

Pensacola Fire Station pre-engineered metal buildings

The prime advantages of using Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings are cost and time savings. There is significantly less labor and material involved than in other structures; fewer components involved means less time to build. Metal requires less maintenance; it is more durable than other materials, it is more resistant to weather, and is readily adaptable to its environment and end use. Finish guarantees are now exceeding 35 years and are highly desirable when one considers the life cycle cost of building ownership.

Because the frames are easily expanded, metal buildings can expand with changing customer needs. There tends to be a lot of flexibility in utilizing space, accommodating high eaves and clear spans. Metal buildings also accommodate architectural diversity, allowing metal wall panels or other more traditional applications.  You can choose from stucco, stone, lap siding, horizontal siding and brick to name a few.

Steel is a dynamic green building solution, with up to 70% recycled content in its finished product. The overall value is excellent because savings are realized in the initial engineering and in the short time to erect.

Buchanan Construction is an expert in the efficient design and economical construction of Pre-Engineered Metal Building projects.  We offer buildings from the following suppliers:

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