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Year in Review: Our Favorite Projects this Year, and What’s on the Boards

As 2023 comes to a close, we’re reflecting back on the amazing year of projects. We recently sat down with our team to learn more about their favorite projects, and the projects they’re excited about for next year! 


Lindsey Kehres  –  Interior Designer 

What was your favorite project this year? 

“I got to work on my dream project this year, which is a 1912 Victorian Farmhouse located  in Little Switzerland. The home owners are phenomenal,  and they have a great sense of style and taste. They have a great balance with one of the couple pushing to modernize, while the other wants to keep the timeless details throughout the house. That allows me to serve in the middle ground, to help them bring the visions and goals for both perspectives together. We were able to salvage such amazing original components of the home like the clawfoot bathtub, and antique doors. I’m so excited to see this one come together, and can’t wait for the homeowners to move in and enjoy the home!”

What are you looking forward to next year? 

“Years ago, we built a home called the Fox Country Farmhouse. It’s been a favorite throughout the years – the exterior is stunning, and the interior has an open but timeless feel. I’m working on a project now for a clients who are building their own, adapted version of the Fox Country Farmhouse, and I’m so excited to see how all of the finishes we’ve selected are going to come together. 



We’re also working on a French-Country design for clients who have been in the design + build process for us for a while, and I’m looking forward to seeing construction started on that one. It’s super exciting for everyone. 


The Elder residence is going to be a super-modern, contemporary design, and I’m really looking forward to that one. This past year I worked on lots of projects with similar design styles, and next year I’m looking forward to the big array of designs and preferences that our clients have, and bringing that full array to life!” 

Kelsey Walker  – Interior Designer 

What was your favorite project this year? 

I always love working on things that require a unique approach, and one of my favorites this year was an addition. Additions and renovations require a totally different process for both construction and design, and I really enjoyed getting to work with the clients and contribute to the process starting with architectural design all the way through to the furnishings stage. It was a really fun project, and the clients were so much fun to work with

Another favorite this year was a renovation of a home we previously built. A lot of times, even if a client has a flair for the eclectic, we don’t see that fully brought into the design selections. That isn’t the case on this project – we’re really getting to see the client lean into her personality and have a lot of fun with the spaces. So, it’s just watching really big, fun ideas come to life in reality”. 

What are you looking forward to next year? 

“I am looking very forward to the Churchill project next year. It’s going to be a super cool farmhouse style but we’re going to get to play with lots of different styles to bring the overall aesthetic together. Ultimately, it’s going to be a very warm home with lots of personality, so I’m excited to see that one come together”. 



Jessica Coogan – Design + Build Manager 

What was your favorite project this year? 

“Oh my gosh – there are so many! I think my two favorites are the Elder Residence and the Krueger residence. Both of these homes are based on homes that we built previously. So, the role I get to play is listening intently to the clients needs, and fully adapting the homes to meet their specific needs and goals. I love the challenge that it is to modify them to fit their needs. Both of these clients are just awesome, and had really specific ideas about what they wanted in the home. One of those requests for both was lots of natural light in the home, and that’s one of my favorite requests from homeowners – I love getting to take a plan and adapt it for bringing in more light. The Krueger residence was based on our Soaring Pines project, and The Elder residence is based on our Fairview Treehouse project. They’re both such significant adaptations that they’re truly entirely different houses now, but I really loved the role I played in bringing them to the place that they are now”. 



What are you looking forward to next year? 

“So, I work on both our residential and our commercial projects, and have so many great projects coming up in both divisions! On the residential side, I think I’m most excited about the Hopton residence. This home is going to be situated on a lot looking toward a stunning view of Mt. Pisagh. We’re working hard on this one to achieve the clients goals both for the experience inside the home, and what the home looks like from the street. 

On the commercial side, we’re working on some really unique vacation and boutique lodgings type projects. On these types of projects, we get to join the client in creating really memorable, unique experiences for their guests, and I just love those projects. Since Asheville is such a retreat town, these types of projects often push the envelope with regard to design and engineering because they’re wanting to create something entirely different for their guests. Sometimes we’re even planning projects that have the potential to shift the tourism dynamic of a town, so it’s exciting playing a role in those, and thinking about the details with our clients. We have a number of those projects on the boards for next year, and I’m excited to participate in those”. 




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