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Our Design/Build approach streamlines your entire project from inception to completion.  Many hidden or extra costs are avoided when your designer and builder collaborate together.  A clear, concise investment plan with the input of all parties allows you to prioritize your spending. The expertise of each professional in the conceptual phase encourages input to evaluate alternate designs, materials, and methods efficiently and accurately. Buchanan Construction acquires multiple vendors & supplier quotes to ensure you get the best quality and value. In this way, value engineering and constructability are factored in among your goals and visions for your home throughout the project.


Single Source 




Our approach allows you to focus on one point of contact throughout your project. In the traditional construction approach, a client must select and oversee a Relator,  Architect, Interior Designer, Engineer, and Contractor, in addition to acting as an intermediary between all parties. Selecting Buchanan Construction for your project means entrusting the collective process of your build – from construction drawings to monitoring quality of work, to a single, reliable, and accessible professional. For our clients, the Design-Build approach allows for an exceptional construction journey with peace of mind.




The Design-Build process helps to remove ambiguity that may arise in material and construction specifications. With the Architect, Designer, Contractor, and Engineer working together, the focus remains on protecting your interest and vision for your home.  We understand that building a home is one of life’s greatest milestones, so we consider it our responsibility not to build homes “to code”, but rather to our exceptional standards of excellence, so that your home is an inviting and memorable backdrop for your family, and the memories you hold closest, for years to come.




Cost analysis for your project is synchronized with the construction drawings as they progress. The updated drawings and investment plan are submitted to you several times prior to final construction drawings.  In short, this means there is no need to re-design your project in order to meet a specific investment goal, your home has been developed to meet your investment goals along the way.




Your collective design/build team will communicate together, both in meetings and via our Project Management Software, to be sure that we all have the same understanding of every aspect of the project as it progresses. Potential issues or setbacks are avoided when we all remain in communication together.




Projects utilizing our Design-Build approach are completed faster due to streamlines in the approach such as; shorter bid time, preconstruction activities can begin before the design is finalized, and the process of choosing the finishes you love for your home begins earlier, allowing materials with long lead times to be secured long before installation.



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