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Decorate like a Pro: 8 Unique Places for a Christmas Tree in Your Home this Year

It’s that time of year again! Time to delve into the containers you stored away last year, and bring out the Christmas décor! If you’re like us, you look forward to this Season year-round. Also, if you’re like us, one of your first thoughts when you’re looking at a floorplan (or a home you’re interested in buying) is “where would the Christmas tree go”? Is there a lovely bay window in the living room just begging to be graced with a Fraser Fir? Maybe an alcove near the fireplace where the soft glow of Christmas lights would be the finishing touch?

Most of us think “Living Room” or “Family Room” when we think of Christmas tree placement. However, if you’re looking to spread the Christmas cheer, consider placing trees in other locations throughout your home this year. We consulted our Interior Designers, Lindsey Kehres and Madison McGraw-Parries, for their thoughts on unique Christmas tree placement. Take a look at their recommendations below!



(Photo Courtesy: The Sunny Sideup Blog)

1.) On the Landing
Have a staircase with a wide landing? Maybe your landing even has a window? Visible from both the first and second floors, this is the perfect space to tie your first and second floor décor together.

Pro Tip: Try a slim tree to keep the landing walking space free. Or, use a table (with a fun table skirt) paired with a small table-top tree. 



(Photo: House by Hoff)

2.) In the Kid’s Room
“For a fun tradition that grows as the kids grow, try small table-top trees in the kids’ bedrooms” says Designer, Lindsey Kehres. “The tree can be all their own, and they can pick a theme and the décor every year”. Use fairy lights with a programmable battery pack so the lights can be scheduled to stay on for certain times of day and turn off automatically. For a one-stop-shop, craft stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby often feature table-top trees with an abundance of varying décor styles and mini ornaments.

Pro-Tip: Take photos of your child decorating their tree each year (and the finished product), and make a Christmas Tree scrapbook as a keepsake.




3.) In the Mudroom
Your guests might not frequently enter your home through the mudroom, but your family frequents this space every day ( not to mention the time you spend here doing laundry). Bring some Christmas magic to this space with a small table-top tree.

Pro-Tip: If you have counterspace in your mudroom, use it as a Christmas wrapping-command center, and put your wrapping paper on display with your mini-tree.



(Photo: The Chelsea Project)

4.) In the Foyer / Entryway
What better place to showcase Christmas spirit than immediately upon your guests’ arrival? “Greenery is often used to dress this space, but most foyers actually have ample space for small trees, and it makes for big impact” says Madison.

Pro-tip: Arrange small trees in slim planters. If you have a table in the foyer, layer 2 -3 small table-top trees on the table and light with fairy lights.



(Photo: Our Fifth House)

5.) On the Porch
If you’re in a warm climate, especially one where your outdoor space might be used for entertaining around the Holidays, a tree on the porch can elevate this space enormously. Consider a woodland or botanical theme that accents the surrounding outdoor elements, and perhaps tie this theme into your tablescape design.

Pro-Tip: This doesn’t just apply to those in a warm climate. Does one of your living or dining spaces share a glass door or large windows with your porch? An outdoor tree can bring ambiance to indoor spaces where space might not allow for an indoor tree.




(Photo: The Chelsea Project)

6.) Layered Trees in a Bay Window
Chances are, if you have a bay window or even a row of windows in your home, you’ve dreamed of a gorgeous tree planted front and center. For a unique take on this approach, layer trees of varying sizes to give the room a winter wonderland feel.

Pro-Tip: To keep this approach simple and cost effective, use flocked trees with white lights. This provides an elegant winter feel in the space, while other décor (like your tablescape) can provide the color.



(Photo: Kelly Nan)

7.) In the Main Bedroom (With Stipulations)
“I love a slim tree in the Main Bedroom, but refrain from use a pre-lit tree” says Lindsey. “You want warm, clear lights – you could even use fairy lights – and arrange them back into the tree to get a warm and subtle glow, instead of harsh light. This is a relaxing space, your tree should reflect that”.

Pro-Tip: Use the color scheme in your bedroom to inspire the pallet for your main bedroom tree.




(Photo: James Merrell) 

8.) Anywhere There are Large Windows
For maximum effect, take a look outside. “Placing trees in front of large windows serves two purposes – you’re enjoying them from inside, and they add to your exterior décor” says Madison. “Take a look at your windows from outside your home, and imagine the tree there in front of the windows. Does it add warmth to your exterior décor? Does it make sense for the inside space? If both of those boxes are checked, it’s a good place for a tree.”

Pro Tip: Factor symmetry into your design. If you want to place an indoor tree in front of a large window of the left of your home but don’t have space in the similar window on the right side, consider what types of outdoor décor you can use to create balance.


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