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Introducing: Buchanan Restoration, a sister company to Buchanan Construction

Buchanan Construction is proud to introduce our sister company, Buchanan Restoration. Offering 24/7 emergency services for Fire, Mold, Water, and Storm damage restoration, the Buchanan Restoration team is comprised of local experts, ready to help clients at any time. Buchanan Restoration is an IICRC Certified firm, focusing on exceeding client’s expectations for timely, professional services with the compassion of a local-only team. Uniquely, Buchanan Restoration is a sister company to Buchanan Construction, and clients of BR in need of reconstruction services can expect their job not only to be restored, but reconstructed with the exacting expertise of Buchanan Construction’s team.

We recently spoke with Rick Buchanan, owner of Buchanan Construction and Buchanan Restoration, to learn more about the new company. 


What motivated you to start Buchanan Restoration? 

“The main motivation was the need and desire to offer our community a locally owned, professional, turnkey restoration company to meet their needs but also to provide the quality service that I felt like was needed.” 


What is “Turnkey Restoration”? 

“Turnkey restoration is our approach to restoration, where both the mitigation phase and the reconstruction phase take place through one company. So first, we mitigate the damage caused to the home or business, whatever that may be, and then we reconstruct the area back to –  or even better than-  its original state. Restoration can seem an impersonal process, but we want to make it personal, and bring true compassion and creativity to the process so that when we’re finished, the stress and inconvenience of the situation was alleviated, to whatever extent possible, by our approach and the final product”. 


What are the defining features of the Buchanan Restoration team – what makes you different? 

“First, our commitment to providing a high level of customer satisfaction. Our first goal is providing true compassion during what, in many cases, is a crisis. This company is founded on the principles of quality, integrity, and professionalism. Just as we started Buchanan Construction, those are the same guiding principles we want to have with this new company, and it will be what separates us, because we want our clients to know they come first”.


What background or experience do you and the Buchanan Restoration team have that makes you uniquely fit to serve this clientele? 

“Buchanan Construction has been in business since 2005, and during that time our team of over 50 industry professionals have created an exceptionally knowledgeable environment, where we continue to learn and grow at all times. We started offering renovations in 2020, and quickly saw significant need and success in that division. We also saw a significant need in the restoration arena, and so we’re taking our extensive expertise in construction and in exceptional customer service, and applying it to the very aligned world of restoration. Both companies and both teams will work together, and learn from each other, and that creates a unique offering for our clientele.” 


How do you want to serve Buchanan Restoration clients in the future? 

“ First and foremost, we want to be an active participant in making the community a better place to live. Really, I think small businesses should be the heartbeat of any community, and so that’s one of our largest motivations here, is to give back to the community by offering a service that’s deeply needed, and offering it with exceptional focus on client satisfaction.  We will continue to grow the company on a strong foundation, and continue to add strong staff members who are well-equipped to serve in often crisis situations that culminate in the need for restoration services. 

If you or someone you know has a water, mold, fire or storm project, we would be very grateful for the opportunity to assist with that work.” 


Buchanan Restoration offers full-service restoration services in Asheville, North Carolina, serving Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina. As an IICRC-certified firm, Buchanan Restoration’s dedicated and knowledgeable team guides clients through the restoration process from start to finish. Our services include 24-hour emergency restoration services, water damage restoration, storm damage restoration, mold remediation, fire/smoke damage restoration, and reconstruction services.